The Magnetic's unique setup offers the opportunity to transform the recording process into a performance opportunity. Create a unique experience for your fans, reward a crowd funding perk, or let your friends and family experience the session up close and personal. Use the tools below to find out how you can do what no band has ever done – MAKE money at the studio.

In Studio Performance Estimator

Studio Costs
Enter the number of hours below to estimate the recording costs. You must enter a minimum of one hour for each.
Enter the number of tickets you wish to put on sale and the desired ticket price.

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Direct to Vinyl Estimator

Estimate Cutting Costs
Estimate the cost to cut and package.
Estimate Sales
Figure out how many copies you need to sell at what price to break even. A negative number means you are making money!

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When is the tap room open?

The tap room is open to the public Fridays and Saturdays 7pm – 11pm. Check the event calendar for tickets & reservations to in studio performances.